Chef Bryant Terry - Vegetable Kingdom

The Abundant World of Vegan Recipes     More than 100 beautifully simple recipes that teach you the basics of a great vegan meal centered on real food, not powders or meat substitutes - from the James Beard Award-winning chef. The book is organized by ingredient, making it easy to create simple dishes or showstopping meals based on what’s fresh at the market. Bryant also covers the basics of vegan cooking, explaining the fundamentals of assembling flavorful salads, cooking filling soups and stews, and making tasty grains and legumes. With beautiful imagery and classic design, Vegetable Kingdom is an invaluable tool for plant-based cooking today. Read more at Amazon  

Jamie Oliver Ultimate Veg

Ultimate Veg: Easy & Delicious Meals for Everyone [American Measurements]        NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER     Jamie Oliver, one of the bestselling cookbook authors of all time, is back with brilliantly easy, delicious, and flavor-packed vegetable recipes.  From simple suppers and family favorites, to weekend dishes for sharing with friends, this book is packed full of phenomenal food - pure and simple. Whether it's embracing a meat-free day or two each week, living a vegetarian lifestyle, or just wanting to try some brilliant new flavor combinations, this book ticks all the boxes. Read more at Amazon :            

World Chefs Ultimate Vegetarian Recipes Collection

  A Treasury Collection of 86 Chef Perfected Recipes From Around The World ! ! Included are even celebrity chefs & top-rated restaurant chefs around the world!     These recipes allow the world's favorite chefs to help you "travel to Italy, Denmark, Greece, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Canada, Russia, Germany and more, without leaving your kitchen ! ” We promote healthy and environmental awareness~ Introducing,.. 86 professional chefs from around the world~  This recipe collection contains 153 authentic vegan & meatless vegetarian recipes from incredible chefs around the world. Represent their diverse cultural backgrounds from west to east, featuring dishes from all over the globe :  Europe , the Mediterranean,  the Americas,  Asia,  and the Middle East. There are included traditional favorite comfort foods, like burgers, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, pies, pizza, dumplings and many other delicious dishes, all made to